You found me! The place is a bit of a mess right now…Ha! Who am I kidding? Don’t open any of the closets, but please, shove that pile of laundry aside and make yourself comfy. If laundry piles make you twitchy, we do allow random acts of folding, ironing or unloading the dishwasher.

I’d be lying if I said this place was “under construction.” More like I have one box of peaches by an interstate off-ramp…but they’re darn good peaches with a fruit stand of produce waiting to be harvested. Click the Stilettos, Stoli & Scribbles tab to see where it all started.

Stella, asks me to remind you we accept tributes of cheese, potato chips, ham and peanutbutter crackers. I notice she didn’t mention coffee, chocolate or wine….see how it is. Next she’ll be standing over me saying, “It writes the words or it gets the hose.”

Not really, she just wants treats and rides.

Sadly, days after creating TheBlondeKB.com and this welcome message, my beloved Stella passed away. 6/20/2019